Arora 0.10.1

Super-fast and lightweight browser


  • Uses same engine as Chrome and Safari
  • Features private and session browsing
  • Very easy to use


  • Limited features
  • No way to extend it
  • Unstable with some sites


Just when you thought another browser couldn't possibly enter the market, along comes Arora, which is about as lightweight and basic as you can get.

And it has to be said, it's rather fast too. Arora might not offer all the fancy features you get with Firefox or Safari but it is remarkably quick. This is probably because it's based on the WebKit rendering engine used by Google Chrome and Safari. Loading of pages for the first time is extremely quick and Arora has such a simple navigation bar that even your grandma could use. Indeed, Arora is a great browser for those that feel intimidated when it comes to the web browsing and it includes all the basics such as bookmarking, tabbed browsing and a download manager.

For most experienced web users however, Arora is woefully limited. No plug-ins are available, some sites don't render very well in it and it is prone to more than the odd crash or two. That said, it's still under development and no doubt will improve significantly over the coming months and years to make it a very solid browser.

For those looking for an ultra basic browser, Arora is ideal, although those that need plug-ins, web syncing and other special features won't find much to sing about.



Arora 0.10.1

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